Service Delivery Methods

Benefit From Our Mastery Of Seamless And Flawless Service Delivery!

We partner with F5 partners who sell F5 equipment and licenses to end-customers but do not have the necessary skills to engage in the
post-sales deployment. In other words, it’s a win-win-win proposition – we profit from pleasing end-customers with our seamless and flawless service delivery, while both partners and customers reap the benefits of strengthening the bonds with each other post-sales.

ADC Consulting

Our project consulting engagements are fixed-fee Statement of Work (SOW)-based engagements. These engagements consist of:

+ Requirements gathering
Meet with an Expert resource to obtain your F5 Technology predefined requirements.

+ SOW creation
Within two days of call, receive a detailed SOW consisting of the various
steps required to fulfill the project requirements.

+ SOW review
Make any adjustments needed to the technical details and terms.

+ SOW sign-off
Agreement of the terms and fixed fee associated with the requirements.

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